Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Plumbing Emergencies That Merit a Call to a Perth Plumbing Service

A home’s plumbing system is often one of the most ignored systems in a home—until something goes wrong, that is. Even then, many homeowners choose to ignore smaller problems, not knowing that even these small issues can leads to thousands of dollars wasted on water bill every year. While there are certain problems wherein a call to a plumber in Perth can be postponed to the start of the weekend, some are classified as plumbing emergencies and should therefore be addressed immediately.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Homeowners Must Always Have the Number of a Perth Plumber on Hand

For homeowners who find that they have sewage or drainage problems on their hands, it is imperative that they get their plumbing systems checked immediately. If not addressed properly, small problems can grow into larger ones, damaging the house further and endangering its occupants. For issues such as blocked drains and clogged toilets, having the number of a skilled Perth plumber available at all times is a wise preparation to make. Because drainage and sewage problems can strike at any time of the day, 24/7 emergency services offered by reputable Perth plumbers such as 13 Plumber Perth can save homeowners from more costly repairs that result from allowing time to pass before solving their plumbing issues. While the average family may not have their sewage system and drains high on their list of daily concerns, it always pays to be ready for whenever disaster strikes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It’s Important to Call a Perth Plumber Right Away for Drain Blockages

A couple of hundred miles from Perth lies the city of Geraldton, and it currently has a serious sewer problem that makes daily life in the town practically unbearable. ABC News reported that the town of Utakarra has been plagued by foul odours coming from a nearby sewer for more than a year, yet efforts by the Water Corporation (the company which built the sewer) to fix the problem have been ineffective. The situation has become so severe that traces of poisonous hydrogen sulphide have been detected emanating from the toilets in local homes.